How to Choose the Best VDI Solutions for Your Needs

There are several different kinds of virtual desktop infrastructure. These include VMware, Citrix, Nutanix, and Amazon WorkSpaces. To determine which one will suit your needs best, consider the following. While VDI is relatively new, it continues to expand as vendors invest in new graphics technology and developers push to make it more powerful. One type of virtual desktop infrastructure is hyper-converged infrastructure, which allows system administrators to manage the system as a whole while monitoring the individual details of the virtual machines.

Amazon WorkSpaces

There are several advantages of using Amazon WorkSpaces for your virtual desktop infrastructure. They offer virtually unlimited service capabilities and come with preinstalled applications like Microsoft Office. They also offer a simple monthly fee, which is much more reasonable than paying a flat fee for each hour of usage. This makes them an excellent choice for road warriors and short-term projects. Additionally, they are suitable for use in education and corporate training environments.

With Amazon WorkSpaces, you can create a standalone directory for each user. The user can use their current credentials to login. You can also set up a secure hardware VPN connection to your on-premises network. Then, you can administer the workspaces with on-premises desktop management tools.

When implementing a VDI solution, you must consider how much it will cost. The initial cost is comprised of the resources required for a successful deployment. These resources include hardware and software configuration, documentation, and integration testing. You must also factor in the time required for a production-ready pilot. According to AHEAD, a VDI deployment can take up to four times as long as a traditional server implementation. On average, a single engineer costs $48 per hour.

Amazon WorkSpaces have many advantages, including a flexible set of supported devices. They also allow users to access corporate resources with their current credentials. This makes them a great choice for mobile workers, remote workers, and companies that travel frequently. Amazon WorkSpaces integrates securely with Active Directory and uses enterprise credentials, so it looks like business as usual when users log in.

Amazon WorkSpaces allow organizations to deploy high-performance cloud desktops to employees. The client application allows administrators to easily create and remove WorkSpaces as needed. With Amazon WorkSpaces, administrators can manage thousands of WorkSpaces with just a few clicks on the AWS console.

With the rise of remote workers, Amazon WorkSpaces can help relieve this growing burden. These fully managed desktop virtualization services give employees access to resources on any supported device. Furthermore, employees can access their data from anywhere with an internet connection, even if they are not connected to the network.


Whether you are looking for a virtual desktop infrastructure or a desktop virtualization solution, Citrix has a solution for you. Citrix VDI solutions provide a variety of features and benefits, including security and ease of management. The company also offers managed cloud services through Google Cloud Platform and Azure. These solutions can save you time and money.

With Citrix VDI solutions, users can access corporate data from anywhere at any time. IT departments can better position themselves to meet user expectations and security requirements. With F5 application delivery, Citrix VDI solutions are optimized for performance and scalability. This means your end users will have a better experience using Citrix.

Citrix VDI solutions are part of Citrix VAD (Virtual Apps and Desktops) – the company’s primary desktop virtualization platform. Citrix has been urging customers to move their workloads to the cloud by offering desktop as a service (DaaS). The company states that a move to the cloud will simplify installation, patching, and integration processes. The company also provides all the core infrastructure components required for a virtual desktop.

In addition, Citrix delivers a consistent workspace experience. With a consistent digital workspace, Citrix is helping organizations unleash the full potential of their workforce. With Citrix, you can create a secure and efficient environment for your employees. The company also provides a unified platform for IT management.

Updates to the client and plugin were made to fix some bugs and improve the user experience. Specifically, the Mac Plugin now aligns the video overlay with the Meeting window when the Split Screen feature is selected. It also corrected the occasional loss of video in full screen. Moreover, the Mac plugin also fixes an issue that occurred when the first incoming call was not detected by the default HID device.

Zoom VDI Meeting Client is compatible with all three virtual desktop environments: VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desktop. The VDI client also detects the supporting software, such as VMware, and removes default virtual background files and filters.


Choosing VMware virtual desktop solutions for your business can significantly lower your IT costs and increase employee productivity. They combine the power of a virtual desktop environment with the power of cloud computing. These solutions can also be scaled to accommodate future growth. Furthermore, they are highly responsive and add efficiency and productivity to your workplace.

While creating your own VMware VDI solution may seem like a simple task, it involves a great deal of planning, sizing, and deployment. Managing and procuring servers, software, and hardware is expensive, and there are many other costs to consider. Besides the high costs, running VMware VDI servers on premise can also cause poor performance and a poor user experience. Furthermore, the desktops will not be available for users who are not connected to the network through VPN tunnels.

One important feature of VMware VDI solutions is linked clones, which are clones of physical machines. They can be used to increase the density of virtual machines per host. They also reduce boot-time and provisioning time. In addition, they eliminate the possibility of boot storms. These two features can help you maximize your VMware VDI solution’s performance.

VMware Horizon 6 is a software solution that delivers virtualized desktops and applications. It also supports both VMware’s Horizon View and Hitachi Vantara high-availability solutions. IBM has also released a customer-managed VDI solution. In addition, they offer a fully managed solution.

VMware and Citrix provide pre-configured solutions that have been tested for fast deployment. These bundles are designed to eliminate latency and performance tuning, and are simple to install and configure. They also come with pre-built ProLiant configurations to support various kinds of workloads. Some of these are graphics-intensive.

HPE is another company that offers support for its VDI solutions. They are certified Microsoft Office 365 partners, and their VDI solutions are compatible with these. Their services include virtual desktop and application delivery, as well as remote workforce solutions.


With Nutanix VDI solutions, you’ll be able to eliminate the silos that separate your virtual desktop infrastructure. In a matter of hours, you’ll be up and running. You’ll also no longer have to worry about complicated storage configurations and network integration. What’s more, Nutanix VDI will help you get more insights into your data and how your data is used.

With a growing number of employees working from home, businesses need ways to keep them connected. Nutanix VDI solutions are ideal for a work from home workforce. With its prebuilt configurations and streamlined onboarding process, Nutanix can help companies overcome the challenges of a rapidly growing at-home workforce. In addition, its FastTrack for VDI solution can expedite the deployment of a complete VDI environment.

Nutanix’s HCI architecture is the core of its VDI solutions. It combines proven HCI building blocks with integrated management, security, and file services to simplify the environment and ensure a consistent user experience. Additionally, it offers an integrated hypervisor, Nutanix AHV, which eliminates the need for separate hypervisor licenses. Its HCI architecture is also self-healing, meaning that it automatically recovers from node and component failures.

Nutanix VDI solutions offer enterprise-grade virtualization for cloud users. By integrating compute, storage, network, and hypervisors into one platform, Nutanix VDI solutions can provide a truly hybrid cloud infrastructure to users worldwide. The company’s VDI solutions can be delivered in the public cloud with AWS, or on-prem with Nutanix AHV.

Moreover, Nutanix’s web-scale architecture allows companies to start small and scale up linearly. The company’s best-in-class infrastructure makes it easy for companies to manage without having to hire an in-house IT team. Nutanix also includes an integrated backup and disaster recovery component that enables failover to a secondary site or cloud. Furthermore, Nutanix’s FastTrack program helps companies scale their infrastructure without incurring excessive costs.

Nutanix VDI is an industry-leading converged infrastructure solution that seamlessly integrates compute servers and storage resources. Its simple scale-out architecture enables predictable scalability while providing high availability.

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